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A Healthy Day should end with healthy foot care routine. In our lifetime, we approximately walk 1,00,000 miles. Foot is the most used part and most neglected part of our body. If years of wear and tear have hardened your foot, it’s time for you to seek Iraa's Foot Care Combo.

 Iraa's Foot Magic is a stew of Plant based butters, natural oils and herbs. Plant based butters are the ultimate well wisher of your flaky cracked foot. They are fully charged with natural fatty acids and nutrients that are essential for skin nourishment. Use of toxin free oils gently rejuvenates your foot skin and gives a silky texture. This fastens the healing process and you can see miraculous result within 7 days of use. Beauty always comes with commitment. With Iraa's foot magic you can walk with pride.

 Iraa's foot crystals are formulated based on our traditional knowledge. The antique combination of herbs, flowers and raw drugs endow your foot a Healthy look. This foot soak cleanses alleviates many diseases. The innards of the foot crystal increases the blood flow to your foot, relives foot pain and sleeplessness. Ease your tension, boost your mood and relax yourselves with Iraa's foot care combo. A soulful remedy for your foot problems!!!


  1. Iraa’s Foot Magic Cream (50 grams)
  2. Foot Crystal (Foot Soak) (200 ml)


Iraa’s Foot Magic Cream

  • Extremely hydrating and nourishing.
  • Heals dryness, wounds, cuts and cracks.
  • Makes the foot smooth, soft and supple.
  • Protects skin from moisture loss.
  • Treats itching and scaling.

Foot Crystals (Foot Soak)

  • Cleanses your feet.
  • Increases blood supply to your feet.
  • Treats toe nail fungus, sore muscles, sprains and relives pain.
  • Soothes and relax the feet.
  • Removes dry skin, makes the feet smooth and healthy.
  • Removes negativity and induce positive thoughts.
  • Ease the tension and boost your mood.


Foot Crystals (Foot Soak)

  • Take required amount of foot crystals.
  • Mix it with required amount of warm water in a tub (2 teaspoon per litre of water).
  • Gently soak your feet and relax for 20 minutes.
  • Clean your foot and apply Iraa’s Foot Magic cream.

Iraa’s Foot Magic Cream

  • After cleansing your foot with foot crystals, apply Iraa’s Foot Magic cream.
  • Give an effective massage.
  • Leave it overnight.
  • Also can be applied any time to keep the skin hydrated, soft & supple.


  • No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Silicones, No Harmful Chemicals, No Added Colours and No Artificial Fragrances.
  • Made with natural herbs collected from the foot hills of the Western Ghats.
  • As our products are made with natural ingredients and in small batches, there may be slight variations in their colour and fragrance.
  • Non Returnable.